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Professional Environmental Training

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Instructor: Fredy Polanco, MS, CSP
Instructor: William M. Young CIH, CSP

ASBESTOS - INITIAL Price Sep'23 Oct'23 Nov'23 Dec'23
Supervisor/Contractor (40hrs) $625       Dec 11 - Dec 15 
Inspector (24hr) * $425   Oct 16 - Oct 18     
Mgmt Planner (16hr)* $425        
Project Designer (24hr) $495        
Worker (32hr) $380        
Air Monitoring Tech (24hr) *call for details $400     Nov 13 - Nov 15   
NIOSH 582 Equivalent (40hr) *call for details $720     Nov 13 - Nov 17   
NIOSH 582 (E) & AMT (40hr) *call for details $720     Nov 13 - Nov 17   
RFCI Worker (8hrs) *call for details        
RFCI Supervisor (12hrs) *call for details        
*Under the Asbestos Model Accreditation Plan (MAP), all persons seeking accreditation as Management Planners shall complete the "Asbestos Inspector" and "Management Planner" Training Courses. Valid Inspector accreditation shall be a prerequisite for admission to the Management Planner Training Course.

ASBESTOS - REFRESHERS @ Professional Environmental Training & Online Price Sep'23 Oct'23 Nov'23 Dec'23
**Supervisor/Contractor Refresher (8 hrs) $175 Sep 12  Oct 10, Oct 27  Nov 07  Dec 19 
**Inspector Refresher (4 hrs, 8am-12pm) $125 Sep 13  Oct 11  Nov 08  Dec 20 
**Management Planner Refresher (4hrs, l pm-5pm) $125 Sep 13  Oct 11  Nov 08  Dec 20 
**Project Designer Refresher (8 hrs) $175 Sep 14  Oct 12  Nov 09  Dec 21 
**Air Monitoring Tech Refresher (4 hrs-8am-12pm) $125 Sep 08, Sep 15  Oct 13, Oct 26  Nov 10  Dec 22 
Inspector Refresher (4hrs-1-5pm) $125 Sep 08  Oct 26     
Worker Refresher (8 hrs) 8am-4pm $150        
Texas Regulatory Awareness (3 hr) (call for price)        
Arkansas Regulatory Awareness (2 hr) 4-6pm Sep 07       
Louisiana Regulatory Awareness (2 hrs) (call for price) 6/19/2023 1-3pm        
Online Refresher Training is not approved for Louisana LDEQ Accreditation (Licensing)

LEAD - ( If you have a group call for details ) Price Sep'23 Oct'23 Nov'23 Dec'23
Initial Lead Supervisor (32 hrs) $625        
Initial Lead Worker (16 hrs) $350 Sep 05 - Sep 06       
Initial Lead Inspector (24 hrs) *** $450        
Initial Lead Risk Assessor (16 hrs) *** $350        
Lead Supervisor Refresher: (8 hrs) $225   Oct 23     
Lead Worker Refresher (8 hrs) $225 Sep 05  Oct 23     
Lead Inspector Refresher: (8 hrs) $225   Oct 19     
Lead Risk Assessor Refresher (8 hrs) $225   Oct 20     
Lead OSHA Training (8 hrs) $175        
***Under the "Texas Environmental Reduction Rules" a Certification (License) as Risk Assessor requires a completion of a "Lead Inspector" and "Lead Risk Assessor" training course.

OSHA SAFETY & OUTREACH PROGRAM Price Sep'23 Oct'23 Nov'23 Dec'23
30 Hr OSHA General Industry Standard        
30 Hr OSHA Construction Industry Standard        
10 Hr. OSHA General Industry Standard        
10 Hr OSHA Construction Industry Standard        
OSHA AUTHORIZED SAFETY TRAINING 10 Hr and 30 Hr Construction and General Industry Standard Courses will customize time and dates for your company's needs.

HAZARDOUS WASTE OPERATIONS (HAZWOPER) 29 CFR 1910.120 Price Sep'23 Oct'23 Nov'23 Dec'23
HAZWOPER Refresher (8 hrs) $ 120 each minimum 10 people        
HAZWOPER INITIAL (40 hr)        


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It is our policy to require payment for courses at the time services are rendered. Payment may be made by Cash, Check or Credit Card (VISA, American Express or Master Card). A return check fee of $30 will be assessed on any returned checks. A $25.00 fee will be charged for replacement LD. Cards or Certificates.

Cancelations within 15 calendar days in advance of Initial course start date will receive a 100% refund except for the 6% processing fee for credit card payments. Cancelations within one calendar week of course start date will be charged 30% of total registration fee. If you cancel within two calendar days of scheduled course start date, no refund will be awarded. In the case of emergency cancelations, you will receive a 50% credit toward your next class.


Professional Environmental Training reserves the right to cancel any course for lack of attendance quotas. Approved Asbestos Training Provider under the EPA and States of Texas and Louisiana and 2-Hour Arkansas Regulatory Awareness & Arkansas Initial Air Monitoring Technician.